July 2, 2022

Pakistan Visa For British Citizens


Pakistan Visa For British Citizens

British citizens need a visa (eVisa) to enter Pakistan.

Travelers from various countries, including the UK, can now apply for Pakistani tourist visas on an electronic system implemented by the government. There’s no need to stand in line when you can avoid hassles and do it all online!

To enter Pakistan as a British citizen, you will need to apply for an eVisa and follow the requirements of that visa. Here are the eligibility requirements for Pakistani visas for British citizens.

pakistan visa for british citizens

What Is The Visa For UK Citizens To Pakistan?

Pakistan offers eVisas for citizens of the United Kingdom who want to visit Pakistan. You can complete an electronic application form and submit your documentation online.

Pakistan is home to diverse cultures, languages, and customs. It offers eVisas for citizens of the United Kingdom who would like to visit Pakistan. The eVisa is an electronic visa that a visa can obtain by completing an electronic application form and submitting your documentation.

The visa allows people from Pakistan to visit the country for tourism only. It is a single entry document with a duration of stay up to three months.

Extending your eVisa can be completed by extending the eVisa online while you are in the country.

Pakistani visas are now available for British citizens. They can apply for a double-entry Pakistani visa.

This article will outline the visa policies for Pakistan in more detail, as well as the different types of visas available for visitors.

UK business or work travelers can apply for visas to negotiate Pakistani entry. There are different types of visas, which also depend on how long you are allowed to stay in the country.

What Does A British Citizen Do To Get A Visa To Pakistan?

Applying for a Pakistan eVisa from the UK is easy and quick. With an online application, applicants can avoid long queues at consulates or embassies in other countries.

To apply for a visa to Pakistan, you need to provide information. Nationality, passport number, travel dates and the place of application, etc.:

  • Basic personal details
    • full name
    • date birth
    • place of birth
    • nationality
  • Contact data
    • phone number
    • email
    • home address
  • Passport information
    • number
    • expiry date
    • issuance date

You must answer health questions in the Pakistani visa application form. British visitors must complete them as well.

Several questions are routinely asked by Immigration officials when visitors apply for a visa to Pakistan. The questions aim to deter visitors from engaging in illicit activities or misrepresenting themselves. One example is a question about the applicant’s marital status.

The last step of the process is paying the processing fee before the visa can be issued. Applicants from the United Kingdom can pay using any major debit or credit card authorized for online, international transactions.

If you want to avoid potential problems in the electronic process, please read the form carefully before submitting it.

You cannot make edits once the form is submitted, so please double-check everything in advance and ensure there are no errors or mistakes.

Suppose you are a British citizen planning to visit Pakistan as part of business, work, or study. In that case, you must look into the visa policy and contact the Pakistani Embassy in London.

British Passport Valid For Entry Into Pakistan

Your passport should be valid for at least six months upon the date of your visa application.

Ensure that passports, visas, and other pertinent travel documents are in order.

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

People can enter Pakistan without needing a Pakistani visa and stay there as long as they have a valid Overseas Pakistani National Identity Card – an ID card for Pakistanis living abroad.

The High Commission for Pakistan in London has more information on the features of their service.

UK Emergency Travel Documents

If a UK citizen has an ETD, they are eligible for entry into Pakistan for 90 days. They must enter through a specified airport, and their ETD will only be valid for up to 60 days.

Holders of an ETD entering or leaving Pakistan will need either a valid visa or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) / Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP) issued by the government of Pakistan.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC advises that holders of an ETD entering or leaving Pakistan must have either a valid visa or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) / Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis.

The Ministry has also informed the Embassy of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, that holders of the following types of cards are eligible to apply.

How Long Does It Take For British Citizens To Get A Visa To Pakistan?

e-Visa application should process the processing time of the e-Visa application in 5 business days following submission.

This processing time varies depending on the time of year.

The approved Pakistan tourist eVisa will be linked electronically to the applicant’s UK passport, and Pakistan e-Visa will also email a copy to the address registered on the application.

Pakistan Visa Requirements for British Nationals

If you’re planning to travel to Pakistan, you should study the visa rules for British citizens before submitting your application.

To apply for an eVisa for Pakistan, you will need the following with you:

  • A valid British passport
  • A passport photo
  • Proof of accommodation (such as hotel booking details) in Pakistan
  • To pay the eVisa processing fee, you will need to send a copy of your valid form of payment, such as a credit or debit card.
  • The Immigration Authority will send the approved visa to your email address; make sure you have an email available before applying. In the mail, you’ll also find a link to your passport details required for the visa process.

Please make sure to bring the passport you used in your application process, or you may not be able to enter.

How Much Does A Pakistani Visa Cost For Uk Citizens?

A visa to Pakistan can be for tourism, business, family visit, and even medical care. In addition, visas can be for one-time entry or multiple entries.

In the following table, the prices are for a single entry for different purposes:

Travel to Pakistan from the United Kingdom.

Family Visit51603475
Pilgrim Tourists51603475

With the Pakistan eVisa, you can enter Pakistan at various ports and borders. Passengers from the UK must print a copy of the electronic visa approved to carry with them during and within travel to Pakistan in case border officials ask to check the permit.

You’ll need to reapply for a new visa when you lose your passport before traveling to Pakistan or if it gets damaged or stolen; because the Pakistani visa is now electronically linked to your passport.

Sometimes eVisas get rejected if there are minor errors or inconsistencies.

You can resubmit the application. But, if the Pakistani Immigration Authority rejects a second time, the electronic visa will not be issued.

Pakistan Visa On Arrival For British Citizens

The Border Officer will issue you the visa upon arrival at the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, the Border Officer will issue you the visa upon arrival. You can purchase a visa at the airport when you arrive in Pakistan. For all other visas, visit the government site.

There are two types of visas in Pakistan. One is a visa on arrival, and the other is a visa that needs to be applied for, submitted, and approved before you can travel to Pakistan. For all other visas, visit the government website for more information.

Pakistan Exit Permit for UK Citizens

Exit Permit facilitates those foreigners who intend on exiting the country and do not posses a valid Pakistani Visa (visa is either expired or cancelled/rejected) to travel back to the country of origin.

Citizens of England may apply for an exit permit under the following conditions:

  • Applicant can apply if their Visa has been rejected OR cancelled
  • Applicant can apply if their Visa has expired:
    • All Foreign Nationals (Maximum Limit: If overstay is up to 1 Year)
    • Foreign Nationals with Pakistan Origin (Maximum Limit: If overstay is up to OR greater than 1 Year)

Exit Permit Processing time is up to 48 to 72 Hours.

This is applicable to foreigners who intend on exiting the country and do not posses a valid Pakistani Visa (visa is either expired or cancelled/rejected) and wish to exit the country without applying for a new visa.

Exit Permit can be obtained from the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) of any city of Pakistan, with at least seven days remaining on their current visa.

In order to apply for an Exit Permit, a foreigner must submit:

  1. Passport
  2. Facial photo
  3. Proof of last Pakistani visa
  4. Proof of entry into Pakistan
  5. Rejection or cancellation letter by ministry of interior (If visa has been cancelled/rejected)

The Exit Permit is a document that allows a person to exit the country. It’s granted against an application and it has a validity of 15 days within which the applicant has to exit the country.

Returning to the UK

All passengers flying out of Pakistan must have a valid visa, Pakistani ID, or passport. If your British passport has expired, you may not be allowed to board your flight unless you have a Pakistani visa.

Contact the Ministry of Interior or refer to the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports website for instructions on visa extensions and exit visas.

If you visit Pakistan for four weeks or longer, you may need a vaccination for polio when you leave the country. For more information, visit the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre.

FAQ – Pakistan Visa For British Citizens

Does a British citizen need a visa for Pakistan?

YES. The Pakistani government has made it mandatory for all foreign nationals to have a no-objection certificate from the government of Pakistan before they are allowed to enter the country.

This certificate is also known as a visa.

Pakistan is one of the most challenging countries regarding visas and entry requirements.

If you are not an Afghan national or Indian citizen, you must apply for a visa before entering Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities can refuse your entry into the country if you risk their national security or public order.

Requirements from the British for a passport photo for a visa to Pakistan

  • No more than 6-months old.
  • Your photos must be professionally printed and 45 mm (Millimeter) high by 35mm wide.
  • Taken against a plain white background.

The Aid-Air-Photo website will arrange your photo exactly according to the dimensions required for the visa.