June 23, 2022

Schengen Visa Tips


Schengen Visa Tips

This is the Schengen visa tips of most asked questions during the Schengen visa interview.

Schengen Visa Tips or tips for Schengen visa application -This article contains a variety of sample questions you might ask when preparing for a visa interview, regardless of the type.

The tips for applying schengen visa application below might be helpful for you to answer your concerns before applying for a visa.

A Schengen visa interview is not only a meeting where you provide supporting documents for your visa application to the busy visa officials. It’s also a chance to learn the best practices of successful applicants and ensure your chances of succeeding.

A visa interview is more than just a quick discussion. There are many opportunities to communicate, give details and ask questions about the person’s visa application.

For visas, a Schengen embassy will sometimes require you to answer questions to assess whether or not you are eligible. It’s essential that they know the purpose of your visit and if any factors could affect your trip.

During this interview, the candidate will not be questioned solely about the provided information in their visa application form and accompanying documents. For diplomatic appointments, the priority is finding a suitable candidate.

There are specific questions that the console will ask of them, but there may also be questions about their private life that a future employer might not ask.

Over the answers to such questions, the diplomatic officials want to get a better sense of who you are and whether or not your situation allows you to produce accurate content.
The diplomatic office doesn’t want to issue a visa to someone without the necessary qualities.

For example, the office seeks to ensure that the person will return home on time and be safe during their trip.


  • How can a visa applicant successfully pass such questions?
  • As interviewing is an integral part of obtaining a visa, the Schengen and other consulates must ensure that applicants answer all of their questions thoroughly.
  • Otherwise, the consul will reject the applicant.
    Which questions are these? Knowing their accuracy will help you prepare for the interview.

Below is a list of questions and schengen visa tips that the consul at the embassy may ask you in an interview. 

Consider reviewing our explanations and recommendations on answering these questions to make a good impression.

Some of the potential questions that a diplomat from your country’s embassy may ask you during an interview to establish whether or not you qualify for a visa:

First Schengen Visa Tips – The Purpose Of Your Visit

When a person comes to the interview, it is essential to know the purpose of their visit.

Most importantly, it would help if you were confident enough in how you explain it so as not to make any unintentional mistakes.

You should state why you want to visit for which reasons and provide some details about the document(s) you are using to support your visit.

Are You Married?

If Yes, what does your spouse’s name? for how long have you been married?

Make sure you know your date of marriage and other details because if you give an incorrect or uncertain answer to the year of marriage, it will raise the suspicion of concealment or fraud.

If you’re not married, you might say: “I’m not married at the moment.”

Do You Have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

This is a simple yes or no answer question.

No, I don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Do You Have Children?

If yes, how old are they, and what do they do?

We can quickly find and store that information for you whenever you’re unsure of a child’s job title, the company they work for, their birth date, or school/university name.

We encourage you to memorize the information early to prepare for the interview.

Early preparation will prevent you from giving a hesitant answer during your visa interview.

You might answer the question “Do you have any children?” with “I do not have any children yet.”

If you are married and have no children, or if you’re unmarried and have no children, then say “unmarried with no children” or “single with no kids.”

Otherwise, state the number of your kids—for example, Two girls and one boy.

Do you Have any Family Living in the Schengen Area? (Most Important Schengen Visa Tips)

Ensure your list of family members and friends living in the Schengen Area is up-to-date.

If you forget to mention anybody at the interview, the embassy might think you are trying to disguise the fact that the person does not have a visa.

How Many Siblings Do You Have?

Where do they live? What are they doing? how many children do they have? Provide all of these questions without hesitation. Be as natural as possible in your answers.

Are You Traveling With Someone Else?

Answer simply with a yes or no. It will ask you questions about how far you are willing to travel, what kind of activities you like, and other preferences.

Other points to consider when traveling with someone include clarifying your relationship with them.

How Long Have You Been Working At Your Place Of Work?

Briefly answer the year of your start of work.

Do You Have An Employer-approved Leave Of Absence Letter?

When trying to get a visa, you must provide documentation proving that your employer is aware of your travel plans and grants you the right to do so. Having such a letter (signed and stamped) is best; if not, then it’s useless trying to convince officials verbally.

Would You Please Submit Your Bank Statement?

The bank statement is the document that shows all the transactions you have made in a given period.

This tips for schengen visa application– a bank statement is a document that shows all the transactions you have made in a given period. It provides an overview of your financial situation, which the consul can request to know that you can fund your trip.

The first thing to do when someone asks for your bank statement is to make sure not to show any hesitation.

It is natural for people to feel uncomfortable when being asked for such personal information, but it is essential to stay calm and collected as this will make them feel more comfortable as well.

Always be confident that your bank statement is up to date when providing it to the official.

Do You Pay Tax?

Yes, the consul wants to hear that you are honest citizens and pay taxes as required by law. The clerk can request proof of payment.

What Is The Amount Of Your Pension?

A short answer about the pension amount will satisfy the interviewer.

Do You Enjoy Any Student Scholarship Programs?

Directly answer with a yes or no.

Many scholarships are available to students who meet the qualifications for a given scholarship. The government, universities, businesses, and other private organizations can offer scholarships.

Students with specific skills receive scholarships to study in Schengen countries.

For example, there are scholarships for engineering majors and mathematics majors. There are also scholarships for students who have particular skills like leadership or STEM skills.

Operation Schengen Visa Tips – Did You Buy Or Book The Flight?

Answer yes or no, if you booked a flight ticket. One of the forms that you can use to show the solution is if you have a bookmarked or purchased flight ticket.

What Is The Total Cost Of Your Trip?

Do the calculations before the interview. Consider the trip’s total cost, including the trip before the flight, for the entire stay (hotel, travel, food, and shopping) and the trip back home.

Show the consul that you know and are ready for your trip.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Provide a valid European health insurance card during your stay.

Is This Your First Visit To The Shangan Area?

Usually, the consul knew the answer, answer briefly and to the point – yes or no.

What Are Your Plans After You Return To Your Country?

If you plan on applying for a student visa, we recommend providing truthful answers to questions about your intention to seek employment after returning from your studies abroad. You may also find it in investigating agencies or training programs.

Which Places / Countries Have You Visited Recently

Take it easy and explain which countries you have visited in the past year. If the answer is that you have not seen other countries or that this is your first time abroad, answer no.

How Be Long Will You In The Country?

Answer the question according to your itinerary. Explain and detail the continuation of the stay and the time you are applying for the visa. The duration of the visa period will be the same as the duration of your trip.

What Other Countries In The Schengen Area Will You Visit?

First, mention the country of the consul as the country from which you begin your journey.

Second, as in the “shopping list” explain the countries you might visit and the expected dates.

Where are you going to stay?

Remember that you wrote down your places of stay in the application; answer with a corresponding answer to what you wrote. The question is to ensure that you intend to leave the country at the end of your visa.

How Did The Consul Know You Were Going To Return To Your Country For Sure?

Remember to mention your meaningful relationships and why you are likely to return home, such as their family and ongoing studies. If a candid endless job opportunity is available, your plan to find a job should mention that too!

Would You Be Able To Reschedule A Shorter Trip?

What is the reasoning behind needing a 3-month visa? If you mention your interest in sightseeing in different Schengen Area destinations, express how this would take longer than a short time.

I can reschedule my plans, but please confirm if obtaining a visa for three months is still possible.

What Happens If The Consul Rejects Your Request?

Tell the rest of your life in your country, work, family, or pastimes. Mention your existing commitments and the people who are waiting for you.

Does the accused relate to any of the involved parties in terrorist activities?

Feel free to answer the question truthfully and without hesitation.

Explain to the official that you’re unaware of any family members involved in these activities and express your sadness about such acts. Show the official that you are entirely against such actions and those who commit them.

Summary of Schengen Visa Tips

These are the tips for applying for a Schengen visa that have been collected from many cases of real applicants at various consulates.

You may or may not be asked some of the questions. The interview and the duration of your interview, depends on the background investigation and the interviewer’s plans.